About the series

OFF THE RECORD is a storytelling series about the human side of journalism—illustrating how the work a reporter does spills into his or her personal life in unexpected ways. We tell intimate stories that reveal the complexities of life as a journalist. Because journalists are people too (not news robots). Ultimate transparency in journalism is the mission here. We’re planning a monthly story launch. Follow us on Twitter for updates: @OTRstories

Who’s “we”?

Carrie Ching is the series producer of OFF THE RECORD. She’s an award-winning multimedia journalist and producer based in Oakland, California. For six years she led digital storytelling projects at the Center for Investigative Reporting as senior producer of multimedia. She conceived of the OFF THE RECORD series as a passion project while working at CIR, and she’s now developing it as a series for a new partner, to be announced soon! Read her essay about multimedia journalism: “How news can compete with cat videos: 6 lessons for multimedia journalists” on Poynter. See more of her work at carrieching.com and follow her on Twitter @carrieching.